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Bosco Verticale

The two Bosco Verticale towers, on which grow over 1,000 plants, stand adjacent to the park “Giardini di Porta Nuova”, perfectly integrated with the surrounding greenery.

Bosco Verticale offers a new way of living conciliating comfort, centrality and security with the desire for natural surroundings.

An innovative project, capable of regenerating the environment and urban biodiversity.

Bosco Verticale


The ideal place to settle down

The two towers, a hundred and ten and eighty metres tall, rise respectively on Via De Castillia and Via Confalonieri. They face the large public park “Giardini di Porta Nuova”, also benefitting from “Giardino De Castillia”, a green area of 8,000 square metres. This location is an ideal place for walking, playing and relaxing.

Bosco Verticale


Man and nature in perfect harmony

Designed by Boeri Studio, the two Bosco Verticale towers are conceived not just to offer the entire city stunning views but also to deliver outstanding environmental sustainability, assuring residents the highest comfort standards.

Indeed, the perfect balance between architectural structure and technological systems guarantees exceptional environmental performance, reducing temperature variation, producing oxygen and absorbing significant amounts of airborne pollution.

Bosco Verticale

Lobby and common areas

Elegance and Italian creativity

The entrance lobbies of Bosco Verticale features large transparent surfaces that melt exterior spaces in a unique scenery celebrated by the greenery of the “Giardino De Castillia”. Conciergerie, waiting room, equipped area for leisure time are covered and faced with natural materials in warm tones.

The common areas have been designed and furnished by Dolce Vita Homes in collaboration with Coima Image and studio Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel and Partners.

Bosco Verticale


Meeting your expectations

The two Bosco Verticale buildings offer a wide range of sizes and furnishing options.

Apartments opening onto spectacular views, capable of satisfying every desire: from 60 square metres of compact, functional two-roomed apartments up to the 495 square metres of penthouses and duplexes.

The interiors of the apartments have been designed by Dolce Vita Homes.

Bosco Verticale

Bosco Verticale


Wonderful backdrops

Bosco Verticale terraces give residents stunning views and will be a beautiful addition to the skyline of the entire city, thanks to their exterior that will gradually renew its colour with the passing seasons.

In addition, more than 1,000 different species, including trees, small bushes and flowering plants will create a privacy sensation and generate a big impact landscape of hanging gardens.

Bosco Verticale terraces are real rooms in the open air, up to three metres deep, which can be used as large open air dining areas or more secluded corners for reading and relax.

Bosco Verticale


Designed to make your life easier

Enabling residents to return home in ease and complete comfort is one of the aims the tower’s designers are proud to have achieved.

This has been the core concept in the design of the vehicle and pedestrian routes to the apartments.

If the complex is accessed by car, entrance to the ramps is controlled by number plate recognition cameras; at the same time, a sophisticated surveillance system in the main entrance lobby connects to a closed-circuit TV camera system for the other zones.

For additional security, the pedestrian path from the garage to the house will pass through the conciergerie.

Bosco Verticale


Qatar Investment Authority

Asset Manager

Bosco Verticale


The design of the two Bosco Verticale towers has been developed by Boeri Studio (Stefano Boeri, Gianandrea Barreca and Giovanni La Varra) which, in recent years, it has particularly concentrated on the design of buildings and open spaces in order to add value and renovate urban European areas.

The Bosco Verticale greenery project has been realized by Boeri Studio in collaboration with Emanuela Borio and Laura Gatti’s studio.

Dolce Vita Homes, together with the partners Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel and Partners and Coima Image, worked on the design of common areas and interiors; Land is the designer of the green spaces and the “Giardino De Castillia”.

A famous professional team able to transform the excellence and the Italian architecture style into an international fascination.