Bosco Verticale

Bosco Verticale

Archetype of a new urbanism

Icon of a new urban reforestation model and the requalification of Porta Nuova, Bosco Verticale, designed by Stefano Boeri Architetti and LEED Gold certified, is certainly the most renowned symbol of green urban development. The changing seasons transform its green architectural composition, featuring over 15,000 plants and 90 different species of trees, shrubs and floral vegetation: the equivalent of a 3-hectar forest capable of absorbing 30 tons of carbon dioxide every year. Bosco Verticale represents a wealth of biodiversity that is one of a kind, right in the heart of a Milan that strives, increasingly every day, to address the challenge of climate change. Its innovative character has earned it highly prestigious international awards such as the International Highrise Award 2014, the Best Tall Building Europe and the Best Tall Building Worldwide in 2015.

Prizes and awards

The success of Bosco Verticale

International Highrise Award 2014

International Highrise Award 2014

Best Tall Building Europe 2015

Best Tall Building Europe 2015

Best Tall Building Worldwide 2015

Best Tall Building Worldwide 2015

Biodiversity +90 species of trees
Green surface 40,000 m² of trees*
Absorbed Co₂ 30 tons every year

Urban forestry

Such a vast diversity in plant species within the urban center serves as a point of reference and a tool for urban policies aimed at the inclusion of plant and animal species within the man-made urban context, promoting the development of various different urban biodiversity dissemination sites.
Bosco Verticale is a high-density forestation project that increases green and permeable surfaces in the city and reduces the heat island caused, in part, by sunlight reflected from glass façades. Together with Green Roofs, Vegetable Gardens, and Vertical Gardens, Bosco Verticale belongs to a new generation of environmental regeneration projects aimed at improving the quality and variety of everyday life in contemporary cities.



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Green surface


m² of trees*

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Absorbed Co₂


tons every year

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*On flat land, each of the two Bosco Verticale towers equals, in amount of trees, an area of 20,000 m² of forest.

The four seasons of Bosco Verticale

Thanks to the vast variety of plant species hosted on the balconies and the presence of an array of different deciduous trees, Bosco Verticale changes its outer shell and the color composition of its living façades, in harmony with changes in seasons and weather conditions. Like the trunk of a tree, its outer shell turns it into a living urban archive, a witness to the slow and gradual growth of a new and rich urban ecosystem in the heart of the city.





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